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Genealogy made easier is not a myth. If you are confused about how to do your family tree - this is the site to help clarify it all! Lots of tips, tricks, and time-tested ways to help you discover your family history.

Genealogy Made Easier is a concept whose time has arrived. These pages will help you in your quest for information about your family tree.

Computers and the Internet have made so much information available that doing family history research is both easier and harder.

Genealogy: the word seems to have such a weight to it. It makes us think of rules, of right and wrong ways. It reminds us of school!

Most of us are not genealogists. We are musicians, mechanics, merchants, and mothers who are simply searchers for our family's history.

That's why this website aims to be a primer guiding us through all the details it takes to do that so-called simple searching. In truth, that searching is nearly always other than simple!

It is not here so much for the professionals, but for the rest of us - the amateur family historians.

Together, we will each make our journey to find our family's past, our ancestors, and our stories. You will find information here about using genealogy resources, computer programs, original sources, online archives, tips, and tricks. These pages will steer you in the right directions, and answer questions you have.

Sometimes, it seems overwhelming. Our aim is to teach you how to handle all the details so you will become a believer in genealogy made easier too.

On any page, use the navigation at the top of the page to read any materials that interest you. Use what is of value to you. Decide on your own process taking into consideration the time you have available, the resources you have for filing and storing all the information you gather, and how you best work and organize materials.

So, all you budding and experienced searchers, good hunting and don't forget to have fun while you work!

Easier Genealogy is Not Just an Idle Promise!

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